Marine Jamet – PR and Social Media Executive, Mental Health Foundation

“Cathy is a very inspiring public speaker. Through her professional yet moving presentation she managed to express in a sensitive manner how she managed to overcome her mental health problems and has grown stronger from it. It was very inspiring and we have all learnt a lot from it.”

Morgan Hyonne - Business Psychologist BCG

“Yesterday I listened to the most moving speech from Cathy Brown, ex professional boxer, who came to BCG Digital Ventures to share her incredible personal story on how boxing and resilience helped her fight life challenges. I highly recommend her for a talk about mental health in relation to sport. I could feel each word she said."

Jas Johal – Telefonica

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Cathy Brown. Hearing her story has inspired me so much. Her trials and tribulations right from the outset, the opposition that she faced against something that she loved and believed in. She’s come such a long way from such a low point. Phenomenal. It was that inspiring that as I result of meeting her, I have started taking swimming lessons this week for the first time in 42 years.”

Farzana Khan – Telefonica

“Thank you Cathy for an absolutely fantastic motivational seminar you delivered. Your story has not only inspired me to persevere with boxing on a personal level but also to help tackle the stigmatism associated with women in boxing, that victory comes with patience and determination. Your courage to stand up and share your personal life experiences with a room full of strangers not only showed me that you are a strong woman, it also taught me that I can’t give my past the power to define my future. You are an inspiration to me and I do believe that you WILL succeed in whatever you put your mind to.”

Annabelle Leask – O2

“I recently attended a ‘Boxing for Confidence’ workshop run by Cathy Brown. She’s a highly engaging speaker, clearly passionate about every aspect of boxing. Even though I had never tried boxing before, I related to a lot of what she was saying and was tempted enough to try it. Cathy’s enthusiasm knows no boundaries; she encourages people to follow their dreams in a safe and empowering way.”