Stuart Mitchell

“I can’t thank Cathy enough for preparing me so well for my expedition to the South Pole. You need to be in exceptional condition to be able to pull 50 kilos of supplies etc., for 10 miles day at -30-50 degrees centigrade. The work we did on core stability, upper body strength and general fitness was invaluable. Cathy is a very talented, highly focused and unusually caring coach.

Moreover, Cathy is great fun to be with and a delightful person. She is, quite simply, the best trainer I have ever worked with.”


James Bowles

James Bowles.jpg

“I have trained with Cathy for years and have always had 100% belief in her ability to transform my fitness levels. It was not until I visited the doctor in 2013 and was diagnosed with hypertension that I realised the depth of Cathy’s knowledge and experience. I was told I would never be able to come off medication to control high blood pressure with readings of 180/100. Cathy had no doubt from day one I would be off the medication within a short timeframe with the right mix of training, diet and relaxation methods. I did exactly what Cathy asked of me and within 6 weeks my blood pressure had dropped to optimal levels and the GP had no option but to take me off medication. I have not had any similar issues since. I can’t speak highly enough about Cathy, she is truly a world class coach.”

Alexis Rufus, Muay Thai Champion

Alexis Rufus.jpg

“I have known Cathy for 10 years, she was my first trainer when I started Thai Boxing. Cathy was always an inspiration to train with. Her love of the sport and her commitment on all levels to her students always encouraged me and made me want to continue training.

I have since got to know Cathy on a deeper level and mentor for certain things in my life. She is able to see potential in a person on both a physical and mental level and make you see that almost anything is possible to achieve. She has terrific drive both as a person and as a sportswoman and I think it is this that inspires me the most.

She has achieved many great things in her life and it is all down to the hard work she puts in. I am very glad she has been a part of who I have become and what I have achieved.

Cathy has inspired me at strangest of times, I mean that by the fact that if I am feeling a certain way she instinctively sends a positive message and I feel much better! It’s kind of freaky but it has comforted me a few times.”


Fiona Jenkinson

Fiona Jenkinson.jpg

“Cathy has been a great mental support throughout all my competitions from the start. And I can honestly say that I wouldn’t go to a competition without her, she is my ‘ROCK’.

She has helped me keep mentally strong throughout training and competitions, and worked with me on amazing mental exercises so I acheive my best possible outcome. I have competed in Olympic Lifting for a year and already won a bronze in the South West Championships and silver in both the English and British Championships and we are currently getting ready for the 2012 European Championships.”


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"In a few words… Best In The Business!

I thought I was fit and mentally tough, Cathy took me to new levels – pushing me both mentally and physically. In all honesty, to places I didn’t know existed! The training and structure was perfect and tailored for me… always on hand to adapt where necessary. The sense of camaraderie helped motivate on the days when you felt like giving up. I couldn’t recommend Cathy more."


Jonathan Thompson, Men’s Health Magazine

Jonathan Thompson.jpg

“I trained with Cathy Brown at The Third Space gym for six weeks and honestly could not believe the gains I made. A runner and football player, I was a novice to both weights and boxing, but by the end of those six weeks, I was seriously into both.

Cathy is the most knowledgeable, inspirational trainer I’ve ever met and she knew just how hard to push me. She made pain fun. By the end of our time together, I’d lost more than 5kg, dropped two jean sizes and developed a serious taste for porridge and cinnamon at breakfast. My wife said it genuinely looked as if my head had been pasted onto somebody else’s body…”

Tareq Kubaisi

Tareq Kubaisi.jpg

“In 2009 signed up for a 2 week survival trip to Arctic that was to involve cross country skiing all day with full packs, building shelters, foraging and hunting for food. I had all the skills and gear but was worried about my fitness and strength. So I set about looking for a PT that could get me into condition in the space of about 4 months.

I always knew of Cathy from my kick-boxing days and was pleased to find she was a PT at my gym (lucky coincidence). I expected a high level of expertise and passion from her having seen her fight but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing she was at getting me into condition for my trip not only physically but mentally.

She created a program for me that meant I was fully prepared for my Arctic experience. That was 2 years ago and I still train with her at least twice a week. I regard her as one of the best in the business and really enjoy our sessions, they are always varied, challenging and very, very funny.

She is an incredible trainer with deep knowledge of her job and she is also a fantastic, courageous, intelligent and loyal person.”


James Davis

James Davis.jpg

“Cathy has been key to my fitness conditioning over the last 3 years. Living in a city and following a relatively normal life her in depth knowledge of strength training, diet and all weight monitoring have helped me maintain fitness to compete at the top level and achieve world records, national championships and world level podiums.

Thanks again Cathy!”